Robert Alan Small

The founding member of the Farm and Garden National Trust, Robert brings a wealth of experience in formulating, running and marketing food security projects in Southern Africa.

Previously General Manager of Operation Grow Soweto, Founder-Director of Inqubela Rural Development Project and National Manager and Co-Pioneer of the Operation Hunger Agriculture Programme, Robert is also former director and manager of Abalimi.

Robert is an Ashoka Fellow and Paul Harris Fellow and lives in Cape Town.

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“Only ethical individuals can be true caretakers, stewards and leaders. Such people are not motivated by personal wealth or self aggrandizement. They are motivated at core by practical love for others and for nature and for life first, self interest second. Sustainable farmers of the future and indeed sustainable farmers of the present day, always turn out to be such people”

Christina Tenjiwe Kaba

Christina, effectively known as Ma Kaba, is a lifelong social and political grassroots activist and leader.

Although a farmer at heart, she is currently CEO at Abalimi, Chairperson and Co-founder of Manyanani Peace Park – the first community managed park in South Africa – as well as the pioneer leader of Moya we Khaya (Spirit of Home) – a unique spiritual-cultural-intergenerational ecological centre where the cultural practices of the past join with modern urban culture to create a healthy synthesis.

Christina has been recognised as Woman of the Year, and recipient of the Khayelitsha Community Development Achievement Award as well as the National Community Nutrition Awards.

She is a mother to one child, grandmother to three grandchildren and lives in  Khayelitsha.

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“We must always remember where we come from. We are all here because of each other and we will only progress because of each other. We cannot do it alone. Working on the land together builds true community spirit and ubuntu.”

Thobeka Nkohla

Thobeka brings experience in women’s and faith work to the Farm and Garden National Trust.

A long time Member of Abalimi, Thobeka is a Baptist Church youth leader and founder of one of the first-ever community based women’s empowerment initiatives in Cape Town – Nolukhanyo Women’s Leadership and Development Project.

Thobeka is also a pioneer leader of Love and Faith, a women-led initiative to bring spiritual renewal back into development.

Thobeka is mother to seven children and lives in New Crossroads.

“Life can be very hard. But love and faith and trust and care in and for each other and the creation, can carry us through all hardship. Gardening and farming should also be an act of worship”