Any donations or bequests are appreciated, as every little and big bit counts. Thank you!

Details of the trust are as follows:

The Farm and Garden National Trust registration # IT5785/2007
PBO Reference # 930027578
SARS Tax Ref # 1203/994/14/8

Donations can be made to:

Account holder: The Farm and Garden National Trust
Bank: Nedbank
Account Number : 1046519328
Branch: Claremont Branch, Cape Town
Branch Code : 10460901
Swift code: NEDZAJJ

All financial contributions will be publicly acknowledged by the Trust, unless instructed otherwise.

Tax certificates:

If you would like to receive a tax certificate for donations made in South Africa, please forward your details and deposit advice to us as indicated below:


Post: The Farm and Garden National Trust
2 Dauphine Close, Edgemead, 7441
Cape Town, South Africa

The Farm & Garden Trust will issue a tax certificate to SA donors only.

Tax Receipts for USA & UK donors

If you’re an international donor from the USA or UK and would like to receive a tax certificate, please donate to us via our international partner Global Giving. Global Giving is the leading international channel for  online internet-based funding and networking.

Global Giving in USA: 

Global Giving in UK: