Microfarming Campaign update

Dear Micro-farming petitioners, we now have over 800 people signed up!

Please keep spreading the word- remember , 100m2 (the size of a small classroom) feeds a whole family with un-poisoned and abundant fresh produce, year round. 500m2 of waste-land creates one job valued at up to R3000/month after costs.

This is proven, for all to see – just come see it in action in Cape Town. We conduct a free no frills fact finding tour for our friends every Tuesday 9am-12pm. Just let me know you want to come on rob@farmgardentrust.org and I will send you the invite.

So why do so many people, and leaders, continue to say that Industrial Agriculture, GMO’s, chemicals and poisons can feed SA and the world? This is despite the fact that Industrial Agriculture in SA ( and worldwide) is producing less than 50% of our food needs.The answer must be: they either don’t believe it, or they are making too much money by denying it, or they don’t particularly mind one way or another.
If you know anyone who does not believe it, invite them to come and see. Otherwise, maybe you could suggest that they had better invest some of their money into the micro-farming movement, because it may just save them in the future.
NEWSFLASH: see updates about the International Year of Family Farming 2014 – IYFF on www.familyfarmingcampaign.net – spread the word.
PROPOSAL: I would like to raise our target for signatories to this petition, and in support of the IYFF, to at least 20 000 by December 2012. What do you think? If each one of you inspired 5 others to sign up, and those five got another five, we would have over 20 000 ! Sign the petition here.

BECOME a truly sustainable household in Cape Town – buy your weekly vegetables from www.harvestofhope.co.za. Remember, if you have a regular income and can afford to buy your veg, its more powerful and sustainable for our whole community to buy from local farmers whose living depends on it rather than grow your own. Support local ethical business: Natural Ethical Organic Trading is a local distribution company dedicated to supporting locally produced natural and organic products.

Like their facebook page : www.facebook.com/naturalethicalorganic and support Harvest of Hope – which they are featuring!
Click on this link to like NEO’s page : www.facebook.com/naturalethicalorganic and have a look at their website to find out more about them : www.neotrading.co.za
Looking forward to a sustainable, wholesome future where abundant un-poisoned food and jobs, are available to all.
Best regards,
Rob Small – Founder
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