Jenny’s Letter

Dear Friends of Abalimi

I would like to tell you a bit about my personal journey with Abalimi. I am a volunteer and found them through a little book called, “How to help in the Western Cape” I joined in 2006 and basically did what I was asked to do. I helped a section of Abalimi called “S.E.E.D” (Schools Environment Education and Development program) by creating gardens in schools of the Cape Flats but when S.E.E.D decided to move out of Abalimi to become a separate NPO, I decided to stay with Abalimi .

I started to sell all the extra garden produce that was left over each week via the internet to a company called Ethical Co Op. Late in 2007 it was decided within Abalimi that we should create our own Organic box scheme and I became the marketer for the project. We called our new venture “Harvest of Hope” and we started with 78 boxes on the 5th Feb. 2008. I am no longer the marketer as we now have a qualified person, who has over the last few years increased our box numbers to 400 glorious boxes of fresh veggies.

It is the next step that I wish to talk to you about. We need to grow the boxes to 600 units, which will ensure a sustainable business, which is quite unique in the Cape Flats. To do this we need more, and better trained micro-farmers. To this end we are starting a training school so that we may produce more variety and even better quality vegetables. We are a very small organisation, which has produced miracles with very few resources and even less paid personnel.

I am making a request that each one of you, Abalimi’s friends, to pledge a really small sum of R50 per month to help the next miracle occur. This will support 1 trainee gardener to start-up and if you were generous enough to provide R100 we can support one gardener to up-skill and progress to become a Harvest of Hope supplier.

Please print out and complete the Abalimi donation form and send it back to us and we will do the rest!

With grateful thanks in anticipation of your support

Yours very sincerely

Jenny Smuts

(Volunteer and Board Member)

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